Wearables, Curated: An Intro

Did you know that the style I was going for in 2014 was “diva goth” and that I was proud to say I invented the phrase?

I have the old blog post to prove it but am confident that I’ll never share that old content again…unless I make Throwback Thursday posts a thing…?

Much to the eye-rolling of your weary face orbs, dear reader, the rooting concept of the majority of my past blogging attempts was not my personal complaints. Contrarily, I started out as all now-disillusioned-former-internet writers do: as a fashion blogger! Curating my style gave me such confidence in the past that I think I mistook for body confidence somewhere along the way. As I take the time to rectify that, I want to delve back into the fun that is wardrobe curation!

The quality and the details are drool-worthy.

And here begins the Oogy Wear series I’m calling Wearables, Curated…my adventures into evolving my closet of has-beens into timeless staples and meaningful pieces, some of which I may already have and just need to give a fresh, unaffected look-over. This is where the book Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees came in handy. I loosely followed along with the workbook at the beginning of 2020 and phased out any interest in my closet once the pandemic hit. However, evaluating my dissatisfaction with my clothes collection a year ago has only emboldened by a desire to follow through this time.

One of the first Curated Closet exercises was to document my outfits for two weeks in great detail and derive conclusions from there. Here are a few of my favorite outfits that I shared on my IG last year.

This year through the Wearables, Curated series of articles–and lots of sorting by hand, honestly–my goal is to experience another “style renaissance” as 25-year-old me said in the same blog post where I dared to digitally utter the words “diva goth.” Chills.

If you’re about the Konmari method, creating mood boards, and giving yourself a monthly budget specifically for new wardrobe pieces, stick with me here on Oogy and IG!

By the way, the dress at the top is by Tach Clothing and yes, it is that dreamy.

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