Agavemoon on Film

We had been married over one year by the time we took our honeymoon last October.

My husband Manuel and I had had dreams of desert landscapes dancing in our heads and thought the ultimate in-state road trip would be to the artsy town of Marfa in West Texas. For reference, we live in East Texas, so a 10-hour drive felt like traveling to another state entirely.

After months of taking social distancing precautions by staying at home and refraining from gathering, we traveled west in COVID times to be even farther from other human beings and enjoy a sandy and surprisingly cold adventure among new landscapes.

We committed scenes and sounds to memory, to moment, to digital space, to moving pictures, and to 35mm. Film photography will always play a special role in our lives together. We’d spend our younger days together taking photos on our SLR cameras and excitedly rushing to Walgreens or CVS to develop them. This time, we sent our film from the Canon EOS Elan and Oympus Mju to Indie Film Lab, an independent developing lab in Montgomery, AL. Here’s what we got back!

Outside our AirBnB:

Inside our AirBnb:

At our favorite coffee shop, Frama, and grocery store, The Get Go, in Marfa.

Big Bend National Park:

Just some other memorable shots…

sittin pretty
bird spotting
sittin cold
Big Bend Coffee Roasters is tops
loved the natural light and art throughout the adobe

We booked our art-filled adobe on AirBnb!

sittin jerky
road within Big Bend
no mountains or cacti round our parts
view from the backyard

To see a little more of our trip in the form of moving pictures or just to test your susceptiblity to motion sickness, watch the agavemoon video!

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