2021 Goals

“Life gets better not because of opportunity, but because of change.”

So far into the year, I feel like the target has moved every. Single. Day. I feel the way I probably should’ve felt in my 20s. 2020, the year of slow, introspective growth, didn’t trigger the reset button on my goals, apparently.

I’ve greatly scaled back my list of goals from last year, as you can see. The number 20 twice presented so many opportunities but life didn’t necessarily get better as far as progress was concerned. Life just was and last year exposed all of that…my headspace, the importance of some things, and the trivialness of others.

So, I stuck to six goals for 2021, all with actionable tasks to help achieve those goals.

Take the GMAT and score 700+

As I continue to reevaluate if getting my doctorate is something I still want to accomplish, I may as well take the GMAT one last time and take the first $275 step.

Learn elementary Tagalog and/or Spanish

Pronouncing words in both Tagalog and Spanish is fun. Also, I’m lucky that practically speaking Tagalog involves lots of Spanish-derived words. I’m also lucky that both languages would be useful to me personally and professionally.

Write and illustrate my own book of fiction

Ah, the well-intentioned book. While some were writing novels in isolation last year, I hadn’t written a single word toward this goal. Both my mental health and creativity in much more colorful places this year, and after starting to journal, I wanted to keep this dream alive.

Get to goal BMI/BF %

[TW: eating disorder] Similar to the last goal, while some were losing weight and getting to the fittest points in their lives, I was gaining weight, becoming increasingly unhealthy, generally staying static, and burrowing deeper into my unhealthy relationship with food. This year has to be the year that things change before I fall victim to irreversible long-term health effects.

Revamp style with quality over quantity

My closet situation is a mess and every time I open up my closets, I hate everything. Clothes shopping was not a mainstay activity for me in 2020 because I wasn’t going anywhere. Because I’m still not going anywhere and don’t anticipate a change in that status for at least the next half year, I have time to transition to newer and more sustainable staples.

Pay off at least 50% of student loans

I’m just waiting for the day that Biden introduces the EO for student loan forgiveness (Bernie baby, please stick to his side about this!), but while I age out that nearly impossible dream, I want to focus on paying off a hella chunk of my remaining student loans. Despite fiscal ups and downs last year, I managed to make quite a dent in my balance and will continue to do so this year.

What are your goals for 2021? Have any in common with me? Any tips for resolution-keeping? Share below 🙂

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