What is Oogy?

It’s like weird but good weird. That’s the easiest way to define “oogy.”

But what is it really and why would someone adopt this word to describe their encompassing state of mortal existence? “I’m not like other girls,” a meme-burdened young adult may recite or even mock. However, picture it. What does the word “oogy” make you feel?


It’s usually discomfort, also known as how I spent most of my youth feeling: without the comfort of empathy, normalcy, and a voice. It’s true that as a person grows and matures, they become more willing to accept the subjectively weirder things about themselves. And at a crossroads in my life a few years ago as I stood between the person I knew I was and the person I wanted to become, I knew I’d always feel oogy…but I wanted to embrace it. Because it was good. And bad sometimes, but ultimately more good.


From one oogy being to another, you get me, right? There’s an unspoken acknowledgment of strangeness and uniqueness; yet subsequently, a nonverbal commitment to maintaining this particular brand of status quo. Being oogy with oneself and among others is a priceless comfort; the assurance that you can breathe in, breathe out, and be yourself.


It’s difficult to be oogy sometimes: hairy situations that result in social rejection or self-inflicted dejectedness and literally just having a lot of hair. Not to reminisce about that one thing that one time that made everyone stare at you as a pubescent teenager, but sometimes that describes oogy. Other times, it’s social anxiety or depression. Everyone has hair. Whether you cut it, shave it back, or let it flow, you have hair.


I would lie if I said I didn’t want to monetize every effort of this passion project, but a single visitor’s presence in this chill hangout of the world wide web is more than enough compensation for my post-5pm sweat. 🙂 Self-expression is liberating. Being ___ is freeing. To be oogy is to be free. However, never sell yourself short! Again, being oogy is priceless.

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