2021 Bullet Journal Tour

New year, new way to disappoint Mother Earth by wasting paper…

I halfheartedly kid. That’s because I hadn’t even filled up my latest Bullet Journal before I’d decided that I would start fresh with a new journal for 2021. It was probably the most irresponsible and yet fulfilling decision I’ve made in lieu of 2021, and I know I’m not alone in not allowing 2020 another page of my life. Onto literally bigger and figuratively better things. By the way, if you don’t know about the Bullet Journal system, learn about it here. When implemented for your own purposes, it’s a kinda genius way to stay organized in an analog way.

Clear Midori A5 Codex cover.

From my previous Midori MD A5 dot grid journal, I moved into a Midori MD A5 codex journal which is also dot-gridded. This notebook has approximately double the page count of the former with almost everything else intact (aside from a bookmark). This paper meets my media needs so well, as I use fountain pens and inks, brush-tipped markers, and smooth gel pens.

Since I ordered the journal from Jenni Bick, I decided to also get a clear cover that I could customize from underneath on the journal itself. I also opted for custom engraving, a service for which Jenni Bick Custom Journals is renowned (duh). I graced the cover with my own Oogy sticker because yes, shameless plug, and a free sticker from Dame because yes, it’s the 21st century so take control of your own physical destiny.

I’ve been using the same simple key for years.

Although this is my seventh year Bullet Journaling, I still include a key because it sets the stage and reminds me that the only rules in existence are the ones that I follow.

I’ve set aside three pages for the index.

And I’m probably one of the only ones left manually including an index/table of contents. So far, I’ve kept up with it.

Six goals because I made six columns.

I followed Susannah Conway’s Find Your Word 2021 exercise and here it is: flow. I’ll have another article about my 2021 goals here, but I intend to let the word “flow” lead my methods and attitudes to accomplish those goals.

Most other pages are set up like these.

I had the typical future log, budget guide, debt tracker, homemaking schedule, and wish list, but I think telling you versus showing you is enough, given that they are all either highly private or just look similar in their chicken scratchiness.

My somewhat-attainable daily routine.

About two weeks into the new year, I deemed it too much of a cluster and will probably never show the uselessness that was my original January spread, but I did reset with a new daily routine because, though I should pursue my goals ambitiously, we’re still in a pandemic and I’m a 31-year-old realist.

And that’s all for now! A little bit of color, a lot of simplicity, and a manageable amount of mess. It’ll do before I get tired of it all and resort to tattooing my to-do lists on my arm. Hasn’t happened yet, though…

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