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20 x 2020

Goals. Resolutions. Shitty excuses to be proactive because you have no direction whatsoever. Whatever you call ’em, I have 20 of them.

Call me crazy, but as everyone’s pointed out, a new decade calls for a new sense of self, and at 30 years old, I want a whole new me. That’s not to say one needs a list of 20 resolutions for a free pass at reinvention, but that’s my prescribed solution.

20 goals by the end of 2020

I tried making a video explaining these goals because I honestly didn’t feel like typing it all out at the time. I still don’t think I feel like typing it all out, but here goes…

same journal since November 2019
  1. Write and illustrate my own work of fiction
  2. Maintain a routine and good rituals
  3. Reduce waste by 50 percent
  4. Travel to a new state or West Texas (basically a new state)
  5. Go to all the doctors
  6. Learn elementary Spanish or Tagalog
  7. Paint on three canvases
  8. Feel graceful
  9. Pay off 50 percent of student debt
  10. Learn 36 new keeper recipes
  11. Move to a different city
  12. Adopt a dairy-free alternative
  13. Take a solo trip – done (read about that here)
  14. Finish one Bullet Journal
  15. Take a pottery class
  16. Do 20 push-ups
  17. Start and/or maintain new venture
  18. Host a dinner party
  19. Work seven freelance projects
  20. Get into a PhD program

And that’s all. Some are really just one-and-done in the sense that I can knock them out in a weekend. Others are multi-level monsters that are supposed to make me a more well-intended, well-rounded person.

I take this with me everywhere

Do you have any resolutions for 2020 or are just doin’ you? Go for it.

Am I insane?

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