Meet Rachel

Imagine a formerly nihilistic cat with a manic-pixie-daydream soul and a fluffy outfit. That’s me!

My name is Rachel and I’ve been blogging in different capacities since the mid-aughts. I feel at ease expressing myself via written [typed] words instead of speaking aloud. Call it indecisiveness or social anxiety…I call it both. My loves are creative writing, digital creation, and my husband/best friend of 13 years.

I’ve weathered social anxiety disorder for most of my life.

On social anxiety: I was formally diagnosed with both social anxiety disorder (SAD) and situational depression at the end of last year, although I had informally been weathering SAD since grade school. Turning 30 in 2019 wasn’t the self-actualizing experience I thought it would be, given those circumstances. I’ll share more on that later.

2020 has given me time to break my spirit free.

2020 was a different experiment in my mental health. This year allowed me both the time and space to address the inner-workings of my mental well-being and its role on emotional expression. Very human situations stifled the many things I needed to express, but the time and space afforded to me this year gave me hope, clarity, and passion again.

Happy to be Oogy with you!

The colorful, squishy, oogy, affectionate, idiosyncrasy that is my spirit is finally coming out and I’m grateful to society for backing the frak off (as mandated by the state until society deemed the pandemic was over) and letting me… Just. Be. And now, I’m excited to just be here, on the internet, via all that is Oogy, with you.

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